Chapter Overviews

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When you purchase the “Healthy, Organic Vegan on a Budget” ebook you’ll receive a comprehensive guide designed to help you eat well no matter what your budget is. These tips and strategies will get your dietary choices and spending habits on track and build your confidence around your healthy lifestyle.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:

What Is Healthy?

Define what healthy means to you, the food industry and medical professionals. Take an in-depth look at the impact of choosing whole foods, vegan products and organic items. With brief notes on the pros and cons of eating gluten-free and soy-free.

Why Is Healthy Food Expensive?

Explore the many factors that influence food prices, including government subsidies, store and restaurant mark ups, processing and packaging, nutrient density and ingredient origination.

Money Emotions

Uncover the connection between your thoughts and your health. Tips on shifting your mindset from negative to positive, creating internal peace and learning to feel abundant.

Your Money Story

Get in touch with where you stand financially and examine where you have room for improvement. Are you overspending on unnecessary purchases instead of investing in high quality food? Discover key insights into what you do with your money and learn how to prioritize.

Whitney’s Story

A look into Whitney’s history with money and veganism. She shares how she got started eating a plant-based diet, why unprocessed food became important to her and how she has implemented financial strategies over the years.

Shopping Tips

All the tools you need to be a financially savvy shopper. Get the scoop on organizing your kitchen and grocery list, making meal plans, finding the highest quality food with the best prices in your area, growing your own food, locating and using coupons, and more!

Kitchen Tips

Master the skills to make great meals at home and you’ll cut your budget way down. This chapter covers the fundamentals of creating delicious, nutritious, inexpensive dishes. Find out which tools are worth investing in, what meals are easiest and least expensive, how to make the most out of your food and what to do with leftovers.

Restaurant Tips

It’s not always possible to make food at home and there are times when you’ll want to dine out as a special treat. Arm yourself with the strategies to keep the bill low.


Get your hands on all of the resources mentioned in the book via an easy-to-read list format. You’ll have an extensive library of books, websites, blogs, videos and mobile applications to refer to for further information and inspiration whenever you need it.

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