About the Author

whitney lauritsen by JORGEMORENOJRBiography

Author Whitney Lauritsen is the voice behind the Eco-Vegan Gal brand. She uses video, photography, writing and social media to raise awareness about how to make healthy eating choices and develop a planet-friendly lifestyle. Upon discovering a passion for health and environmentalism she launched the Eco-Vegan Gal website to share advice, tutorials, product recommendations, recipes, interviews and more. This has resulted in a wildly successful channel on YouTube and front cover on Laika Magazine.


Throughout her career, Whitney has heard some persistent reasons as to why people choose not to eat plant-based food or make healthy lifestyle choices. The most common self-imposed barriers revolve around money, time and knowledge. This was major motivation behind the writing of “Healthy, Organic Vegan on a Budget” – Whitney knows first hand that all three obstacles can be easily overcome.